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Down hamamatsu-szo.ed.jp is down right now.
The website is down for everyone, not just for you.
URL Checked:http://hamamatsu-szo.ed.jp
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The service is down for everyone. You can report the issue in the comment section below.


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Checked Date Ping Time Status
2018-01-21 09:06:55 (1 second ago) 0 seconds down
2018-01-15 19:55:30 (5 days ago) 0 seconds down
2018-01-13 12:51:21 (1 week ago) 0 seconds down
2018-01-08 20:41:26 (1 week ago) 0 seconds down
2018-01-07 19:13:48 (1 week ago) 0 seconds down
2017-11-29 01:55:31 (1 month ago) 0 seconds down
2017-10-31 19:58:32 (2 months ago) 0 seconds down
2017-10-19 06:02:22 (3 months ago) 0 seconds down
2017-08-24 22:36:54 (4 months ago) 0 seconds down
2017-08-05 11:27:06 (5 months ago) 0 seconds down
2017-07-27 14:10:44 (5 months ago) 0 seconds down
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DownAnalyze is monitoring hamamatsu-szo.ed.jp service availability from time to time. You can see the results in above table. When you see the status is Down, this simply mean that Hamamatsu-szo service is down at that specific time.

Probably the server is overloaded / unreachable because of a network problem / outage that cause service down. Be sure to report the issue if Hamamatsu-szo is down for you right now.


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